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Feeding My Soul Through Travel

Feeding My Soul Through Travel


I have always had the urge to travel.  Whether I am touring castles, taking a ferry across the Baltic sea, or wandering around a small village next to the Vistula River, I am in constant awe of my surroundings. I try to soak everything in; the murmur of voices having a conversation in another language, the cracks in the centuries-old cobblestone streets, the beautifully ornate details in the historic buildings, and the delicious smell coming from the abundance of coffee shops. These are the moments that feed my soul.


This August my wanderlust took me to the beautiful country of Poland, where my older sister and her husband live. Growing up who would’ve thought that we would end up crossing oceans and continents to visit one another? It has led to many adventures and unforgettable memories.



Part of experiencing a culture is trying new dishes, which I most certainly did. It was great to have my sister as a built-in tour guide who knows all the best places to go. We had the pleasure of being in Kraków at the same time as Pierogi Fest. For those who do not know, a pierogi is a traditional polish filled dumpling. Sweet or savory, they are all delicious. My personal favorite was filled with banana and nutella. I also ate an abundance of Pączki, the best version of a filled doughnut I’ve ever had. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


Aside from exploring with my taste buds, I also had the opportunity to travel to different places across the country. From Kraków to Gdańsk to Wrocław, each city has its own story to tell and culture to explore. I still close my eyes and think back to the busy cobblestone streets lined with colorful buildings beckoning me to explore and smile. I cannot wait for my next adventure.