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Back to School Means Back to You!

Back to School Means Back to You!

It is the first full week of school for many of us! And with that comes joy (for those whose kids were ready to go back) and sometimes sadness (for parents sending kids off to college or even Kindergarten for the first time. But I think almost every parent regardless of the age of their children; experience a certain level of excitement when the first day of school finally arrives. This time of year is almost like another a second New Year’s Day, in the sense that it allows us to reset, rejuvenate and really think about what we want for our kids and ourselves.

Not only is it important for our kids to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the school year, but also, it’s as crucial as ever for us to practice what we preach, and take care of our bodies and our minds! Regardless if you’re an empty nester, or just starting to enjoy a couple hours a day without re-watching Ryan’s Toy Review for the 38th time, these tips are certain to help keep you on track for your healthiest, and perhaps even your happiest school year yet!

Load that Playlist

Let’s be real. For many of us, back to school means that you are picking up that side job as an after school Uber service, which  means you’re going to be spending a LOT of time in your car. Why not use this to your advantage, and fill your phone with playlists and podcasts that give an extra boost to your day!

For example, I have a “Me Time” playlist which includes Nikki Manaj and The Weekend. Maybe not super appropriate for my 5 and 9-year-old, so I wait until drop-off and blast that one on the way to the gym. I also have one filled with classical music from my college years to turn to when I need to chill and turn off my mind. And when I’m hauling the kids back and forth, there’s one ready to go full of songs we ALL like. My personal favorite is “Peter and the Wolf”. It’s also a story, so the kids have to be quiet if they want to hear it! You’re welcome:)

Get back to the Gym

One reason (of the hundreds of reasons) I adore AddeoFit so much is that each day, there are multiple classes for every level of fitness, every mood and every energy level. The team understands that the most important thing you can do for yourself, whether it be in the gym or in life, is to show up! Establishing a workout routine, even if it’s for a couple days a week, is vital for improving your quality of life. Yes, it is great for your body. We all are aware that exercise is excellent for heart health and our muscles. But also, it is good for your spirit.  Being a part of something greater than yourself, and joining a group of people who are passionate about living kind and healthy lives is good for your mind! Be sure to prioritize finding a community of people who lift you up. We hope your find your tribe at AddeoFit!:)


Plan Your Meals

I will be honest. I am HORRIBLE at meal planning. But at the same  time, it is one of the most important practices to put into place if you want to keep your sanity after 3pm. I promise you, there is nothing more obnoxious than having to make a grocery run with your kids after school because you forgot to plan dinner. While I could write a novel on how to properly meal plan, here are a few simple tips that will keep you in-line.

-Keep one day for leftovers
-Designate one day for takeout/kids choice/eat what you want
-Buy all lunch and snack foods the Sunday before
-Every few weeks make a dish that serves twice as much as your family needs and freeze the rest to use when you’re in a bind.
-Set aside a time of the day to prepare dinner. This way your kids (and your partner) will know this is your time and if they want to eat before 9pm, they will leave you (and the kitchen alone).

Set a Bedtime (for YOU)

I mean it. I once had a professor who told the class “Nothing good ever happens after 1am”. The adulting version of this can probably  be pushed back 3 hours most of the time, especially if you have small children who think 5am is an appropriate wake-up call. I know it is so tempting to finish the dishes, or that Netflix series, but I promise, both will still be there in the morning. Quality sleep is vital to your mood the next day and to your long-term health. It can even make you look younger, which more me is becoming more and more of a motivation;)


Get back to YOU!

Yesterday I sent my youngest to 5K. I have had the good fortune to be able to stay home with both of my kids for much of their childhood. Which means that now, I have 7 hours a day to think about who I want to become moving forward. Truthfully, everything is a little foggy. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I have been parenting at home full-time for 8 years and have found a sort of comfort in the “business” of it all. My identity has taken a 180 since becoming a parent, and while that is mostly wonderful, I feel a little lost in who I am when I’m not caught up in the lives of my kids. It will take some time to figure things out, but I am going to prioritize my own goals moving forward.