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Simply The Best

AddeoFit is a first of its kind fitness facility featuring six individual studios in one 14,000 sq ft space. Our clients can select from 125 classes a week which will be featured in our custom studios.

Each of our studios, which include Cycling, Yoga, Barre, Performance, Multi-Purpose and Cardio feature the latest fitness classes specifically designed and developed for AddeoFit. Each class is taught by a certified instructor personally trained by Sarah Addeo to ensure the highest quality class as well as individual results.

A Message About Covid-19

Covid-19 has changed the fitness industry. AddeoFit has moved to a limited in-person class schedule. We are following all guidelines set by the state and the CDC. In this changing time we have added Virtual Live Streaming & On-Demand online workouts. It is my personal and professional commitment to keep our community Healthy, Happy, Humans. I look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces soon. – Sarah Addeo


Stages is the best indoor cycling program. The classes are designed with the Stages indoor bike. Elite cyclists rely on Stages Power to deliver the most accurate measure of performance in order to achieve their fitness goals. Now studio riders can benefit from the same metrics the pros use, and map their fitness strategies to more quickly reach their own goal. With the SC Series studio bikes, Stages Cycling proves world-class bikes aren’t only found on the road. This smooth riding, easy to adjust, low-maintenance, state-of-the art bike is equipped with Stages Power® Meters you will utilize in class!

ADF Cycle is a 45 minute class that incorporates the best of what is trending in the industry..POWER! These classes will improve your body and mind. With our certified staff, their knowledge, and pure passion for cycling, you will be hooked! And most of all, you will have fun!


Sarah Addeo has been developing and designing her own Barre class and program over the last 20 years. So, she custom designed this room to accommodate her program and is beyond excited for you to experience Barre in a way no one else can teach it. Sarah will begin to teach all the Barre classes initially while she personally trains her other Barre instructors. The ADF Barre studio will always be a place for you to challenge and improve your own mind and body.


Cardio Kickboxing is a fusion of boxing, martial arts, and aerobics mainly done rhythmically to music. Offering an intense cross-training and total body workout, it utilizes the training routines used by combat athletes in martial arts, boxing and kickboxing. This class will get your heart rate up and muscles burning!


High intensity intervals of cardio and strength training. Simple and effect. This class is designed with the best of one-on-one training in a group class. This workout incorporates great music, energy & results. ADF 360 uses multiple compound movements with weights and the latest weight lifting techniques. Be ready to take your body to the next level!


This unique class will keep you in the zone! 4 rounds of 15 minute cycles of cardio and conditioning for your entire body. You’ll utilize a mix of treadmill, rowers, light – heavy weights, resistance bands and full body toning exercises. One of the best hours ever!


Sarah’s 30 minute HIIT class is the right mix of cardio movement, HIIT is arranged in short bursts of very hard work followed by active recovery. The whole point of high-intensity training is to kick up the intensity of your cardio. In order to qualify as true HIIT, you’ll need to push yourself to the max during every set. Sarah uses short intervals—anywhere from 20 to 90 seconds.


A challenging 15-10-minute workout that will work every angle of your core. This class goes above and beyond sit-ups and crunches to define and sculpt the abdominals, obliques, and lower back.


This 30-20 minute class includes stretches for the entire body, and finishes with a segment for relaxation.  Balance your workout routine with flexibility training to decrease muscle soreness, prevent injury, and improve posture.


This fun high intensity dance style class will invigorate your mind and body!!   Sarah methodically breaks down each step to make sure you build the entire dance by the end of class!   Sarah’s energy and passion for dance shines through.  You will not want to stop!!