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AddeoFit Welcomes Savannah Wisth to the Team!

AddeoFit Welcomes Savannah Wisth to the Team!

Since Savannah Wisth began her internship at AddeoFit, I don’t think I’ve seen her in the same place once. Whether she is teaching Blast HIIT or assisting with our KidFit program, she is definitely our girl on the go! After sitting down to chat, it became clear that being active is second nature to Savannah, which makes her a perfect fit for the AddeoFit Team. One thing is for sure, this gal is going places!


Tell us a little about your background and how you became interested in the fitness industry.


My Mom always encouraged me to participate in many different activities as a child. I also have three sisters, who kept me very active.


The importance of exercise really hit home in high school. I played volleyball, softball and ran track.  That’s when the importance of fitness really hit home with me. The “WHY” behind my motivation to keep active became very clear, especially with track.  I just really loved how I felt and how my body felt afterward.


I graduated from Winona State with a degree in Exercise Science with a minor in nutrition this spring. My goal is to help others realize the importance of living a healthy lifestyle that is unique to their needs and lifestyle.


You mentioned the “WHY” behind what you want to do. That’s important to us at AddeoFit. Can you elaborate a bit?


We all know that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. But in my opinion, there’s a third element, the “WHY” or the reason behind why we want to be active that is essential to a successful plan. EXERCISE IS DIFFERENT THAN WORKING OUT. Hitting each muscle group and knowing why and how that particular activity/ movement is helping your body will take your overall fitness to a whole new level.


When you’re not at the studio, where can we find you?


I really enjoy working.  It seems like I’m always in “go go go” mode! I really enjoy golfing, and I’m a big foodie so I’m always checking out new restaurants in the area.


Do you have a favorite wellness hack?


I love 30 minute all-out classes, especially when I’m feeling unmotivated. Blast and HIIT workouts motivate me to work hard. Since I am always on the go, quick and intense workouts allow me to get in and out and on with my day.


What is your go-to energy boost?


Smoothies are my absolute favorite! I also love energy and protein bars when I’m in a rush.


What are some of the emerging trends that you are noticing in the fitness world today?


In my opinion, exercise is exercise. There may be some that are more efficient than others. But the key to finding the best workout for you isn’t a matter of what’s the latest and greatest, but rather, what will work best for your lifestyle and interests. No matter how popular a particular workout is, if it doesn’t work for you, it won’t work. One area of fitness that interests me that is getting a lot of buzz right now is sport-specific training. Whether you’re just starting a sport, or a professional athlete, knowing how to condition your body for your sport and training your muscles properly for your craft is crucial.


You just graduated college and are starting out in your career. It can be a busy and transitional time for people in this phase of their life.  What is something they can do to keep healthy during this time?


Prep your food! It is so easy to just grab fast food from wherever is closest but it is detrimental to overall health and energy levels! Even having quick healthy snacks that are packed and ready in the front of your fridge will save so much time and calories!


What are some suggestions you have for those who have a solid fitness base but who want to take their overall fitness to the next level?


It’s really important to switch it up! If you’re a runner, try out a Barre class. If you are used to a cardio routine, check out a class like strength blast that focuses on weight training. That’s the great thing about AddeoFit. There is really something for everyone here. With the diversity of classes offered, there is always an opportunity to jump out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself in a new way!