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Just Another Day…or is it?

Just Another Day…or is it?

Just  Another Day…or is it!


At the corner of Lancaster and Lydell streets is a world class performance center, AddeoFit.  Congratulations to Sarah Addeo, Marti Wronski and all those behind the scenes that have made this possible!  This business adventure took courage, perseverance, hard work, creativity and a will to succeed to go from the drawing board to a real “brick and mortar” facility.  We are blessed to work and play at this magnificent performance center.


With this opportunity comes another chance, another day to pursue the best version of ourselves spiritually and athletically/physically.  “Working out” has never been just a physical event in my day.  During my days as an undergraduate a mentor introduced me to the idea of a training session being a spiritual/intellectual/athletic  pursuit of excellence.  This pursuit of excellence would not only be good for me but benefit those around me as well.  When I am at my best my family and friends get my best!  Made sense to me!


My guess is that most of us at AddeoFit want to work, improve or change something about us.  Maybe we want more energy, get stronger and  change our body composition, become more fit, lower our blood pressure or cholesterol numbers, or change an attitude. The list goes on…the question is how to get it done.


I believe we need to set goals, SMARTER goals.  Let me break this down:

S = a specific goal (own it!)

M =Measurable (and meaningful)

A = Achievable (with an action plan)

R = realistic (relevant and rewarding)

T = Time based (have a timeline, usually 21 days works)

E = Evaluate (how did I do?)

R = Re-evaluate or Reward!


I know what you are thinking!  Where do I start?  Pick that ONE THING!  Keep it simple.  Remember, most of us are resistant to change.  For 21 days try to execute the plan 80% of the time, 100% perfect.  Cut yourself some slack 20% of the time.  We’re human for goodness sake.  A cheeseburger from Kopps hits the spot every now and again!


Here is a list of suggestions where to start, to build some confidence to succeed:


  1. Eat more vegetables in place of some junk food
  2. Get enough sunlight and fresh air, every day
  3. Drink enough clean water
  4. Lift heavy things twice/week
  5. Move more, especially walking


One caution, this is not just an analytics equation.  There is a “warrior spirit” required.  This spirit is built on doing that ONE THING that is hard over and over again, especially when you don’t feel like doing it.  Push through on your down days when you are not feeling your best.  Distraction, discomfort, and difficulties are no match for the “warrior spirit!”  Keep your feet moving forward through the inconveniences, substantial discomfort and insecurities.  To quote Yoda, “do or do not, there is no try!” Build your “warrior spirit” from the inside out.