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Finding My Fit: Kaleigh’s Story

Finding My Fit: Kaleigh’s Story



Our theme for May at AddeoFit. Why do I love to work and play at AddeoFit? Because Finding Your Fit doesn’t just mean getting big muscles or looking “hot” in a bikini. Team ADF is about heart, about feeling good, about caring about the person next to you on the yoga mat or bike.


However, those three words have been hard for me to swallow. I wouldn’t describe myself as a person interested in ‘fitness’ or being ‘fit’. I don’t look forward to lacing up my tennis shoes or grabbing that towel to wipe off my sweat before a killer workout in any room besides the yoga studio I call home.


My ideas of being fit have shifted because of the work I’ve done with Sarah, Jordan, Amber, Jen and all other instructors I’ve been able to squeeze a class in with! The teaching style at AddeoFit isn’t preachy or shoving their egos down your throat when I already feel vulnerable in my body and my form. I feel comforted here and know I’m in good hands. I am not afraid to ask questions and I love the camaraderie within this space.


I need to breathe deeper and practice what I preach when it comes to letting things go and simply stop with the comparing of my body to others. I commit to finding my fit everyday by simply moving my body in one of the studios. I commit to finding my fit by exploring my own yoga practice in order to teach you stronger, safer, more creative classes. I commit to a happier life full of acceptance by not comparing my body or my life to anyone at all.


I send so much love to my AddeoFit family and to all happy, healthy humans who walk in the door everyday smiling and enthusiastic about the work we are about to do together.

Thank You!