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AddeoFit Turns 2!: Sarah Addeo Talks Grace, Grit and the Music that Makes her Dance

AddeoFit Turns 2!: Sarah Addeo Talks Grace, Grit and the Music that Makes her Dance

“Perseverance, secret of all triumphs.” -Victor Hugo

AddeoFit is turning 2! What have you learned about yourself as an entrepreneur?


I have validated a lot of things personally in who I am as an owner and a person. Everything from discovering a new level of strength and perseverance, to handling the unforeseen. AddeoFit started out in a direction that was unforeseen to me, and when that happens, in can throw you upside down. But because of that,  I have uncovered a new level of strength within myself. Our first year was all about building and steering the ship in the direction that I wanted this business to go. We have a great product. The staff, the community; both are all second to none. And getting that message out there, with such positive feedback, is pretty cool.



  1. If there is one take-away you want your clients to get from AddeoFit, what would it be?

The given is a good workout. But my goal is for everyone to have their own personal “why” for coming here every day. It may be because Shana is teaching your favorite class. Or because you’re working toward achieving a personal goal. I hope that people build connections with others, and look forward to sharing this space with a community of support.


  1. You emphasize the harmony and balance of a Happy Healthy, Human lifestyle.  What makes you most happy about your business?


The people who come here every day and the energy that they give – That is what makes me show up every day.


  1. When the happy, healthy and human elements are really working together for you for a day/ week/ even a month, what does that look like to you? 


It’s the simplicity of little things making a big difference in the everyday lives of people. A sweaty face with a smile, simple words of encouragement and exchanging the human vulnerability of people. Healthy is about seeing and feeling personal progress.


  1. In your most recent Sarah Says post, you shared the quote “Today, let your love for life be transformed into a life of love.” Share with us one way in which you practice living a life of love. How does that transcend into running AddeoFit?


I’m driven by people. My Mom always says, “Love is easy”. But to me, love runs deeper. It’s seeing the work you put into anything, work. It also means having a desire to help others.


  1. You are recovering from a serious knee injury, and once again, showing absolute passion, grace and resilience. But let’s be real. injuries are never fun. What gets you through a physical setback?


I waited on this injury for 15 months. I put work first, I wasn’t “present in my body”, and consequently, I slipped. I’ve had knee surgeries before, due to the wear and tear of dancing, but this one I really did it. I injured it while dancing in class. It came during a time of moving forward, and setbacks. I was numb emotionally, and I thought I could wait. But when I decided to go ahead with the surgery, I went into it in a good place, mentally. I was ready.


I am used to being on my feet for 12 hours a day. To have to stop, physically and mentally was extremely challenging, but I like to think that things happen for a reason. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not glad I was injured. This is a major surgery. It’s a major setback. But something needed to stop me in order to heal. If we’re being honest, I needed to heal my heart and my head more than my knee. It’s almost a physical reflection of how I should heal myself after overworking and sometimes over thinking. It’s given me a moment of peace and calm.


  1. Are you doing anything differently this time around in your physical rehab? 


10 years ago, when I had this surgery, there was a lot going on. My kids were small, the surgery didn’t go as well as hoped and the rehab was very difficult, which is another reason why I waited on this knee. This time around has been a completely different experience, and for the better. I’m a little older, a little wiser. The hardest thing now is taking time, and taking small steps every day.


  1. What is some advice you have for those who are in your shoes? Recovering from an injury with the intention of coming back stronger than ever? 


What I learned about myself is that it’s always okay to ask for help. I’ve learned to rely on both the staff at AddeoFit and friends, who can take me to PT, drive my kids to activities.

And I will come back stronger by paying it forward.


  1. What are you most looking forward to in AddeoFit’s 3rd year? 


Witnessing the excitement and energy of the new instructors and the evolution of the instructors who have been here since the beginning is inspiring. All of them are so eager to learn, grow and try new things in their classes and training. They all want to evolve and make AddeoFit “more”.


I’m looking forward to continuing to build strategy on how we can become even more innovative with our workouts and programming. That’s what I love the most about this business. I have lots of ideas on how to play with movement in my own classes, and taking those classes and creating variations.


Last but not least, I want to continue to build the community, and not just with memberships. That’s not always the most important thing. I’m looking forward for people to experience the energy and excitement of AddeoFit. The vibe of the studio is nothing that I or anyone else can really explain unless you’re in the space. I can’t wait for more people to get into this space and feel the complete AddeoFit experience!

I have built this business on authenticity, and that’s what makes AddeoFit so special. The members, staff and guests cultivate the culture here, and when people come in here, I they feel that.


For those who may not already know, you have a next-level passion for music. What is Sarah Addeo’s go to happy song right now?


Oh my goodness, I could go on and on! At the moment, I am addicted to all of these dance accounts on Instagram – a lot of groups that are coming out of L.A. There’s TMILLYTV, The Playground…I’m getting a lot of great music off of there. One song in particular, by Maroon 5 is Plastic Rose. I listen to this song, and my mind just soars! I choreograph in my head, and think of how I could move to the music. My other favorites right now are Sam Smith and Billie Eilish!