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10 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit this Winter

10 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit this Winter

It is always a challenge to stay healthy as the cold starts to creep in. Most of us get the urge to curl up on the couch with some hot cocoa and not move for most of the day. This increases our chance of illness, while negatively impacting our happiness and self-confidence. The good news is that it can be avoided! Here are ten ways to stay healthy and feel good all winter long!


  1. Keep moving!

Whether you bundle up and endure the cold for an invigorating walk or run outside (it’s a great way to wake up in the morning!) or go ice skating, just keep moving this winter! If you aren’t a fan of the cold, join a fitness studio or go to a local indoor track. You can even watch your favorite show while working out in your living room.


  1. Try out fun, active indoor activities!

There are so many fun ways to stay active indoors this winter. My favorites are rock climbing and taking an exercise class. More ideas are swimming, joining an indoor rec team, or practicing martial arts. Try something new!


  1. Find a workout buddy.

Recruiting a friend to workout with will help both of you stay on track with your health goals. It will help you encourage and keep each other accountable. Your workouts will also be more enjoyable with someone by your side cheering you on.


  1. Plan your weekly workouts.

Scheduling your workout at the beginning of the week will help you stay on task and avoid the “I don’t have time to workout” excuse. Think of it as making time to focus on yourself.


  1. Relax with yoga.

Yoga is perfect for recovery days or when you feel like you need to relax. Hot yoga feels amazing during the cold Wisconsin winter. If you are looking to stretch out tight muscles, Restorative yoga may be worth a try! If you don’t have time to make it to a class, plan a time to do it at home.


  1. Unwind with mindfulness.

Take moments away from your busy schedule to just relax and be in the moment. My favorite is playing relaxing acoustic music while drinking a cup of peppermint tea and just breathing. Focusing on your breath is helps you clear your thoughts and slow down. You’ll be amazed by how you feel after only 5 minutes.


  1. Plan and prep your meals.

Find a day each week that works for you to meal plan. Every Sunday I plan out my meals for the week, prep, cook and freeze what meals I can. This way I can just grab and go during my busy days. It’s one less thing to worry about!


  1. Enjoy your food!

This is incredibly important. Make healthy food that tastes delicious to you. Don’t force down a green smoothie or bone broth if you don’t like it because in the end you will either stop eating healthy or be completely miserable. Try out different recipes and eat what tastes good to you! Pinterest is my go to for finding new ideas.


  1. Rest and recover.

Rest and recovery are equally as important as staying active. Lack of sleep and inadequate rest can increase your chances of getting sick. Make sure to give your muscles the recovery they need after a workout. Restorative Yoga and walking provide active recovery that keeps you moving. It is also a reason to get a regular massage!


  1. Stay hydrated.

Throughout a busy day, it can be easy to forget about drinking water, but staying hydrated in winter helps you stay healthy. The key is to drink before you feel thirsty. A good habit is to always keep a full large water bottle nearby. Buy a pitcher with a fruit infuser if you want more flavor!